How to be a roman gladiator

How To be a Roman Gladiator, the first e-Books collection for real and simulated
Roman Gladiator Training by Gianluca Zanna the first Roman Gladiator from modern Rome

Ave Gladiators from all over the World.
My name is Lucius Spartacus Zanna, and I am the first Roman Gladiator in the Modern Rome. In the late 1990 I was the first Roman Gladiator to recreate historical accurate Roman Gladiator simulated fights for tourists, schools, restaurants and hotels.
I want to share with you the techniques that I've learnt in Rome from one of the most famous Italian Stuntman Elio Bonadonna... a chief weapon coreographer in many famous movies about the Ancient Rome and Roman Gladiators (one that I love more is "Barabba" with Anthony Queen).
Here our aim is to learn how to simulate an action fight with authentic ancient roman weapons... weapons like the GLADIUS, TRIDENT, SPATHA, PILUM, and using the Roman Shields in defensive and offensive way... but without any harm...
for you and your opponent, but looking and sounding very realistic. We will learn first how to use these Gladiator Weapons in a realistic way, like the real gladiator used to fight for their life... then we will adapt these realistic techniques for safe simulated fights... like in the movie.
So, you will not just learn how to "make noise" with the gladiator weapons, but also how to use them in an historically accurate way.
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Spartacus Lucius Zanna

Here are my coming e-Books collection

How to Fight like a Roman Gladiator: The eBooks Collection

The Gladiator: The Secret History of Rome's Warrior Slaves


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